Capital Campaigns and Fund Development

Capital/endowment campaign planning and feasibility studies
Oram is retained to help clients assess the likelihood of campaign success by examining the case for support, leadership, constituents’ perspectives, the potential for “impact” gifts, and infrastructure readiness. Studies are based primarily on confidential, personal interviews with key stakeholders. The client’s work product is our report of findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Campaign Counsel
Tasks usually include:

Fund raising Capacity Assessments and Fund Development Plans
Oram helps clients set their goals and create or enlarge infrastructure for fundraising; we assess board leadership and top management motivation; we recommend dollar objectives, and we suggest specific tactics for achieving and measuring success. We help our clients plan their work and work their plan.

Strategic Planning

We ask any prospective client four fundamental strategic planning questions:

Through careful listening and highly interactive board and management participation in a retreat setting, Oram helps clients develop and implement strategic plans that are not only visionary but financially realistic and specific.

Board and Governance

A successful nonprofit is staff led and board advised – and each side understands and accepts its proper role. But issues arise that may upset the equation. They include:

Oram’s role is to relate a client’s board to a client’s work, in a meaningful mutually rewarding way for both its board and the organization.

Statement of Ethical Practices

The Oram Group:

  1. Serves our clients loyally and focuses on their best interests throughout the scope of service.
  2. Strives to inspire our clients through their own sense of dedication and high purpose, with a goal of bringing credit to their organization.
  3. Protects confidential or privileged information shared with us by clients.
  4. Is honest and accurate about our limitations, and does not make exaggerated claims of past achievement, nor guarantee results for clients, rendering services on a best effort and best practices basis.
  5. Prices our services fairly, based on the level and extent of professional services provided, and never for a contingent fee, commission, or percentage of charitable funds raised.
  6. Represents accurately the credentials of anyone assigned to the engagement.
  7. Discloses any personal or professional relationships with any client or prospect, including:
         - Third party interests
         - Strategic relationships
         - Actual or potential conflict of interest
  8. Substantiates recommendations through qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  9. Treats all people with respect and dignity.
  10. Does not disparage other consulting firms or professionals.
  11. Accepts as clients only those causes and organizations that we believe we can best serve,
  12. Emphasizes that the best interest of our clients in governance, strategic planning, program planning, fund development, personnel recruitment, or any other purpose for which we are engaged ultimately rests with the client, not the consultant.
  13. Affirms through personal giving, and through volunteering, our commitment to philanthropy, and its role in our society.

The Oram Group acknowledges with deep appreciation permission from THE ALFORD GROUP, INC. to adapt its Ethical Practices Statement for our use. Our company adheres to the ethical codes of the Giving Institute, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and other professional organizations.